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Software Engineer

Citi Group

Software Engineer with Cit - Leading Client Side development of Citi's entitlement security system. Building large-scale Angular application integrating with JEE REST interface.

Currently working contracts with teams in FinTech. Motivated, concentrating on emerging stacks with best practices, passionate about UI/UX and learning new things.
Know Overflow

Developed using the MEAN stack with CI development. Connecting people who want to learn with people who have something to teach.

A showcase of some of the most recent companies I have worked with.

Carma Carpooling

Software Developer with Carma - Overlooked the online presence and developed with the latest stack. Produced MVP for company acquisition in San Francisco, CA.

Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy

An independent Building Surveying practice specialising in the commercial sector.

Developing award winning products, with clean and concise code. Developing efficiently with international teams operating with SCRUM on the latest build processes.

Landen Park - Oldtown Demesne
Oldtown Demesne

Complimented by having a competing property firm identically copy the work provided to my client.

Gallaghers Pub Cork

Single Page website built with PHP and JS using Facebook API for photo CMS.

Please only contact me if I won the lottery, with interesting job offers or want to propose web/app development to be considered.